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On October 23, 1979, two young attorneys founded a law firm in Eugene, Oregon.

Allan Coons and his friend Bruce Anderson incorporated "Coons & Anderson, P.C." They handled many different types of cases, but the ones that stood out were the claims of injured and diseased Oregon workers – the arcane and often overlooked fields of "workers’ compensation" and federal "social security disability" insurance benefits.

Bruce moved on in early 1981 to other legal practices. Allan kept the practice going and, over the years, gained several new partners until his retirement in 1996. The firm continued to thrive – with partners coming and going. Today, we are proud to keep the lights on at a law firm that holds tight to its roots – helping injured and disabled workers when they need it.

I joined this firm in 1996 right after Allan’s retirement. He was one of the kindest, wisest men I have had the privilege to know. He worked so hard that his staff had to stack files in the hall outside his office, because his desk and all the bookshelves were full of his cases. His scribbled instructions on each file were the stuff of legend.

Most of all, Allan Coons was not a legal troublemaker. He was a problem solver. That’s how we practice law today at the firm he originally founded, Edmunson Barnhart Knight P.C.

We’re easy to talk to and we welcome the chance to help you make the decision that is best for you and your family. Laws are complicated, but your life doesn’t have to be – you just need some friends to help you. 

(that’s better).

~ Jim Edmunson

Jim Edmunson