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Workers’ compensation laws vary greatly from state to state. Oregon’s work injury system is extraordinarily complicated and attorneys who represent injured workers frequently limit their practices to focus on the problems faced by workers. Our firm has emphasized workers' compensation cases for decades and grown to be a leader in helping Oregon’s working people successfully navigate the workers’ compensation maze.

We offer common sense advice to our clients, in addition to compassionate counseling, so you can choose the best option for you and your family. We can explain the process of filing an initial claim, as well as when and when not to file. We analyze the facts of your accident or illness and help you explore the possible solutions.

Most importantly, we become your voice in the vast bureaucracy that is Oregon workers’ compensation. We regularly work with claim adjusters to solve problems in a claim. We know when to initiate litigation if benefits are not paid promptly and fully. We will explain to you how your claim fits into the workers’ comp world, what benefits you can expect, and how long you will have to wait to get them.

No one goes to work expecting to get hurt, but when it happens your whole life can be disrupted. Your employer has access to insurance adjusters and their attorneys. You deserve a professional and experienced legal team on your side, too!