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Workers' Compensation



Summary of Benefits

Oregon was one of the first states to enact a workers’ compensation law in the early 1900s. Today, this law is a very complicated system the purpose of which is to compensate employees who have been injured or who have suffered medical problems from workplace dangers.

But, sadly, too many workers know far too little about their legal rights when they have been hurt on the job. No one tells you that you are covered for workers’ compensation protection the first minute you step on the job, and your benefits of a compensable claim can last your lifetime.

You can receive medical treatment wherever you live, even if you move away from the state of Oregon. If you are seriously disabled, you may qualify for retraining to enter a new career. While you are off work recovering from an accident or illness, you are entitled to claim compensation for lost wages – tax-free – and when your medical condition stabilizes, you may be entitled to payment for permanent disability.

Our staff at Edmunson Barnhart Knight can answer your questions about filing a claim and obtaining benefits for workers’ compensation no matter how serious your claim may be.