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Summary of Benefits

Most Americans know that Social Security is a retirement program for older workers, but it also is available for anyone who has been forced to stop working due to serious illness or injury before they reach retirement age. You can file a disability claim with Social Security if you paid FICA taxes at least 5 out of 10 years before you became disabled. If you do not meet the time guidelines, other disability benefits may be available, too.

If you have been denied a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you should obtain competent legal help to determine if your claim should have been allowed. This often involves appearing before a federal administrative judge to present supportive evidence and testimony. We will help you prepare for a hearing and represent you before the judge when the hearing is held.

Edmunson Barnhart Knight can explain how to apply for Social Security Disability benefits and answer your questions. We can evaluate your medical records and employment history, and work with you to develop a strong case to have your claim allowed. The most important fact to remember is that everyone who goes before an administrative judge has been denied benefits – and a high percentage are allowed benefits. Let us make sure your claim is fully prepared and presented to the judge to increase your chance of success.